Codeplay's Acoran platform integrates all the industry standard technologies needed to support a very wide range of AI and HPC software at extremely high performance.

  • Acoran Enables AI Processor Solutions

    Codeplay's Acoran platform integrates all the industry standard technologies needed to support a very wide range of AI and HPC software at extremely high performance. The AI market has adopted a number of proprietary technologies to enable rapid technology progress, but there is now a large market movement towards standards-based solutions that are easy to integrate between multiple vendors. Acoran provides platform-level integration between AI accelerator processors, open-source frameworks for AI, as well as standard programming models to enable users to develop their own custom accelerated software.

    Acoran provides the open programmability and wide feature-set of proprietary solutions like NVIDIA's CUDA, with the open-source, future-proof, standards-based flexibility of Intel's oneAPI. This means that Acoran can be easily adopted by processor vendors for new accelerator processors and also by software developers seeking high performance for their innovative algorithms.

    Software based on industry standard programming models such as SYCL, Data Parallel C++, OpenCL and Vulkan will be accelerated by the Acoran platform. The range of existing software that is supported by Acoran includes:

  • ComputeCpp Graph
  • oneAPI

    Intel®’s unified software programming model.

  • Data Parallel C++

    Intel®'s extended implementation of SYCL™.

  • Machine Learning

    Google®'s Tensorflow™, GLOW and TVM AI.

  • Eigen

    The most widely adopted C++ linear algebra library.

  • TensorOpt

    Standardized interface for processor graph compilers.


    Library offering BLAS operations for linear algebra.


    Library offering deep neural network algorithms.

  • OpenCV

    A Large library of functions for advanced computer vision.

  • C++ Parallel STL

    A parallel version of C++ ISO standard algorithms.

  • SYCL

    The Khronos open standard for parallel C++.

  • OpenCL

    The Khronos open standard parallel C.

  • SPIR-V

    Compiler intermediate representation.

  • The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stimulating the development of processor and accelerator hardware designs, while software frameworks are adapting to keep pace with the latest machine learning techniques.

    In order to take advantage of this AI revolution, processors and accelerators need to offer compatible solutions for software developers that integrate with existing software frameworks and technologies.

    Codeplay's Acoran provides all the performance and programmability solutions that accelerator processors need, delivering a software platform that accelerates a range of AI software on a wide range of hardware platforms using industry standards.

    Codeplay has been involved in the definition of industry open standards since 2002, developing many solutions using them, and gaining a reputation as a leader in enabling the latest processors. Codeplay is especially focused on the SYCL, OpenCL, SPIR-V and ISO C++ standards where the company has made significant contributions. These open standards are being used to enable the latest AI software and make full use of the performance of the latest processors and accelerators.

    The technology Codeplay develops is also being used in High Performance Computing (HPC) to enable acceleration of complex scientific software.

    Codeplay is already working extensively with processor companies and is capable of delivering the Acoran platform for processors supplied by, but not limited to, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Renesas, Arm, CEVA and Imagination.

  • ComputeCpp Graph

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