IEEE Article: Continuous Development in Tomorrow’s Automotive Software

29 June 2020

It's clear that the automotive industry needs to enable features that take control of functions that improve safety and autonomy in the next generation of vehicles. Open standards based software will be a key part of this migration and in the latest IEEE article I have written about some of the challenges that automotive companies face.

"Adopting industry-wide standards allows auto manufacturers to take advantage of the latest algorithms and techniques to test, improve, and evolve systems without wasting valuable time and resources. It’s no wonder autonomous car manufacturers now insist on open standards in their requests for vendor proposals. While proprietary formats are perceived to offer the fastest way to develop the latest solutions, these allow rapid demonstrations but need to be re-written to achieve production quality, ultimately wasting development resources and losing any competitive advantage gained. The further risk is when competitors and suppliers adopt open standards and overtake with leadership technology."

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Charles Macfarlane