The New Website

04 April 2011

With our new website we want to present our latest technology, to improve user support and to enable our customers to find information about our technology much quicker. The new website features a knowledgebase describing all aspects related to our technology, from the first installation steps to final performance optimizations. This knowledgebase will gradually evolve over time as it captures user experiences, feedback as well as latest features and improvements, and we at Codeplay are striving to present that content in a compact, easy-to-read format.Performance is what matters the most to our customers. Our vision is to provide our customers with an ecosystem of quality tools to get maximum performance from a given hardware. Optimizing compilers herein is only one aspect of our technology as tools to identify performance bottlenecks in applications are equally important. Optimized libraries will enable developers to readily tap into our experience by using efficient code without having to worry about performance optimisations. We also constantly research new ways to efficiently program latest hardware such as GPU-like processors and to exploit new instruction sets. On the game side of the business we expect to integrate our Offload technology with a number of upcoming games titles. So it's exciting times!

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Uwe Dolinsky

Chief Scientist