Quality Policy

ISO Certified

Codeplay Software is ISO 9001:2015 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 766734 for research, development, consulting and technical support for software products and services on heterogeneous systems.

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Codeplay Software (CSL) is committed to the provision of quality products and services that fully conform to the requirements of our customers. By consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations we will promote customer satisfaction and in turn achieve business success.

Aims of the Policy

The Quality Policy is achieved through the consistent application of a Quality Management System in line with our Vision, Mission & Charter, the main aims of which are to:

  • Listen to customers and fulfil their requirements
  • Always protect customers' IP that has been entrusted to us
  • Continually improve the quality of our products and services
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with our customers and suppliers
  • Maintain our staff's understanding of the Codeplay Quality Management System
  • Promote a culture and working environment of continuous improvement in all aspects of Codeplay's operations

Process & Procedures

This requires the adoption of processes and procedures throughout the company that are focused on meeting the customer requirements of each division, regardless of whether their customers are internal or external to the business. This is achieved by:

  • Identifying and understanding customer requirements and ensuring that they are fulfilled and that all staff are aware of the importance of this to the success of Codeplay
  • Setting and reviewing management objectives that reflect the Codeplay vision to provide a focus for performance improvements and improved customer satisfaction
  • Fostering a culture which encourages early identification of opportunities for improvement and efficient and collaborative corrective and preventative actions
  • Providing adequate financial and physical resources to support the full implementation of the policy and the Quality Management System
  • Providing training and education to all our staff to ensure they understand and are competent and confident to conduct their roles and improve their own development and performance
  • Communicating openly with staff, contractors,and customers on quality issues, encouraging them to take part and contribute to company performance improvements
  • Planning and executing work to meet customer requirements in the most effective, efficient, and collaborative way, and reviewing and revising the Quality Policy and QMS regularly
  • Ensuring that the Quality Policy and QMS are understood and implemented throughout the Company. Every staff member has responsibility for the quality of their own work and for contributing to improvements in our products, services,and quality management processes

Access to Policy

This policy is available via the Codeplay Intranet and displayed prominently in our premises and on our website. Quality Policy is reviewed and kept up-to-date and will be amended to suit any changes in the size or nature of Codeplay activities.